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All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.

~~ Seán O’Casey

Greetings to all my precious people!!

The land of my ancestors is nestled in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, and up until 15,000 years ago, it was completely covered with glaciers.  Ireland is an amazing testament to nature and her unparalleled beauty. The landscape is magnificent, with lush green hills, captivating coastlines, rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and bustling harbors. The island itself is roughly the size of Indiana and comprises 32 counties, 26 of which are in the Republic of Ireland, and 6 in Northern Ireland.  Geopolitically, the island is divided between the Republic of Ireland (officially named Ireland), an independent sovereign state covering five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.  continue reading »

You Are the Magic in Manifestation

Maybe the most important teaching is to lighten up and relax.

~~ Pema Chödrön

Greetings to all my precious people!!

We are definitely living in interesting times.  For our own selves, as well as our country and the world, there seems to be no clean and clear message about beginnings or endings.  We are always in the middle of things, slipping between past, present and future, partly in harmony, many times in confusion, being reminded that opposing ideas and thoughts can be true. There are murmurings and undercurrents of chaos, as flickers of the new are continuously emerging.  Shift is happening and the emotional clarity we desire seems unattainable.  continue reading »

Hope in the Time of Overwhelm

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.

~~ Mary Oliver

Greetings to all my precious people!!

My mini summer sabbatical is underway and it seems I am not well practiced in the “being mode” versus “doing mode”.   Despite having a daily practice of meditation and qigong, there is still evidence of ‘busy-ness’ that feels hardwired in my brain.  It is a very humbling reckoning!!  The escape to the shoreline of Connecticut offered me glimpses of emotions, dreams, and memories, all waiting to be seen, heard, and acknowledged ‘when there was time’.  So I am grateful for the opportunity to choose to listen to the whispers of ‘if not now, when?’ and I encourage all of you to consider the same.  While our habits and routines of daily life keep us on track and serve us, there is something magical about being away from obligations and responsibilities – even for a short time.  continue reading »

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