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Qi Gong

Hope in the Time of Overwhelm

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.

~~ Mary Oliver

Greetings to all my precious people!!

My mini summer sabbatical is underway and it seems I am not well practiced in the “being mode” versus “doing mode”.   Despite having a daily practice of meditation and qigong, there is still evidence of ‘busy-ness’ that feels hardwired in my brain.  It is a very humbling reckoning!!  The escape to the shoreline of Connecticut offered me glimpses of emotions, dreams, and memories, all waiting to be seen, heard, and acknowledged ‘when there was time’.  So I am grateful for the opportunity to choose to listen to the whispers of ‘if not now, when?’ and I encourage all of you to consider the same.  While our habits and routines of daily life keep us on track and serve us, there is something magical about being away from obligations and responsibilities – even for a short time.  continue reading »

Cultivate Your Inner Stillness

Greetings my precious people!!!

For the first time ever, I decided to take a ‘summer sabbatical’ in the month of June to cultivate some much needed rest, and experience “being” instead of “doing.”  Chinese medicine extols the value and virtue of living in accordance with the seasons, and while Summer is the high point of the active yang energetic, we are also in the year of the Yin Water Rabbit, where we are reminded of rest, retreats, and the gifts of cultivating an inner stillness.  So a summer sabbatical seemed quite appropriate!! 


You Have the Ability to Heal Your Self: A Simple Qigong Practice to Support Immunity

One of the oldest and most famous of all qigong sequences is ‘Ba Duan Jin’, or ‘Eight Pieces of Brocade’, also known as ‘Eight Treasures’.  This practice can be traced back to the Song dynasty, which lasted in China from 960-1279CE. During this period, China was noted as  the most advanced civilization on earth and responsible for the invention of the mass printing of books, gunpowder, and the compass.  General Yue Fei (a Song era military general, poet, and calligrapher) is often noted as the originator of the set of exercises that became Eight Pieces of Brocade as a way to keep his soldiers healthy and ready for battle. 


The Benefits of Qi Gong

The benefits of qi gong

Acupuncture is one of three branches of ancient traditional medicine. The other two are herbal medicine and the practice of a physical and mental discipline called Qi Gong. The main objective of each branch is to bring about a harmonious flow of Chi. continue reading »

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