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Our Simple Process


Step 1: The Initial Free Consultation
The opportunity to discuss your health concerns with the clinician via phone or telemedicine video conference. This 20-minute consult is when you share an overview of your medical history, your current health concerns, and most importantly, your goals!! We want to be sure that our treatment protocols will deliver a high probability of success for you BEFORE going forward with treatment.


Step 2: Detailed Assessment and Treatment Plan
Once your initial free consultation is complete, and we agree that our program is a good fit for you, the Intake appointment is the next step. This is where we make a comprehensive assessment of your medical history, symptom patterns, and other contributing factors to determine the root cause of your imbalances. You will receive your first acupuncture treatment with us after the assessment. We will provide you with a treatment plan that is easy to follow with suggestions for dietary and lifestyle adjustments, as well as suggest herbal formulas that will address YOUR specific issues.


Step 3: Active Treatment and Resolution of Symptoms
You’ll return for weekly visits to ensure close support as your body begins to establish a new pattern. During these follow-up visits, we follow up and manage any changes your body experiences, and readjust protocols based on your healing response. Acupuncture treatments continue to support your body’s process of rebalancing. Our goal is to monitor shifts in the following areas:
** Improved Digestion
** Restful Sleep
** Decreased Inflammation
** Shifts in Pain: fewer exacerbations, less intensity
** Increased Energy


Step 4: Transitional Care for Maintenance of Health
Once we establish stable health improvements during the treatment time-line, the frequency of your visits will be reduced. Generally, this occurs between 8-12 visits, but there can be a variance based on individual cases. Follow up visits will transition from weekly to every other week, to once a month. Of course, if there are other health concerns you want to address, we are here to support you. Many of our patients choose to continue with regular maintenance care and seasonal “tune-ups” and we are happy to work with you on that level should you choose to do so.

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