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Natural body reset…

I was on birth control for debilitating headaches and period cramps for almost 5 years. I found out that the birth control was actually working against me. So I decided to go to Dr. Casey to help balance my hormones. She helped me reset my body naturally which led to no more headaches and period cramps. Dr. Casey gave me

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Highlight of my day!

Kathy and her staff are amazing! My appointment is always the highlight of my day! ~~ LM, 2021

Dedicated Healer

“Kathy, in my opinion, is a great acupuncturist and a true healer. She is very dedicated to her patients. Her treatments are highly successful and her skill set is truly impressive. I only can highly recommend her services.” ~~~ Steffi K, 2019

Compassion and Integrity

From the moment I enter the Touchstone office I am at ease. I have been under Kathy’s care for four years. She is professional and has kept ill health at bay. She has compassion and integrity. I highly recommend her for anyone who is in need of boosting their immunity, getting to the root of mysterious symptoms and in need

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