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Stress & Anxiety

Creating Our Experience

To pay attention ~
this is our endless and proper work.
~~ Mary Oliver


Greetings to all my precious people!!

It is the first day of March in a leap year!! And still, the remnants of Winter remain. During this transitional phase, warm sunny days are mixed with cold rainy moments as the Earth moves in her cyclical shifting pattern. Mother Nature continues to be our best teacher as she adapts and moves forward, mirroring our own Life pivots and shifts. We acknowledge the quiet phase of Winter for surely it is a reminder of the trust and faith we have that Spring will appear. These seasonal patterns reflect life lessons in persistence, patience, and promise. The message of this ‘in-between’ time continues to be: slow down, get quiet, and prioritize deep rest to support your own Spring renewal. continue reading »

Listening to our own Voice

We cannot live in a world that is not our own, 

in a world that is interpreted for us by others. 

Part of the terror is to take back our own listening, 

to use our own voice, 

to see our own light.   

~Hildegard de Bingen

Greetings to all my precious people!!!

I inadvertently took a week off from sending out my weekly tidbits.  I suppose an interruption here and there is a good test for my recovering Type A – hypervigilant – overly conscientious Self!   But I am committed to the sharing and it is back on track now, so hopefully some part of this offering will be helpful to you, or someone you know.

We are in the midst of the seasonal shift, moving past the incubation of Winter into the gathering energetic Qi of Spring.  This is a liminal space – the “in-between” space – before the snow has finally melted, before the crocuses are flourishing in their vibrant colored petals.  It is a time that is perfectly suited to become more acquainted with our Heart, our inner Being, our divine Spark, our essential Voice and our unique Self.  continue reading »

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

“Imagine a new story for your life and start living it.”

~~ Paulo Coelho

Greetings to all my precious people!!

We have just experienced the Full Wolf Moon – January 25, 2024 – the first full moon of the new year.  It reached peak illumination at 12:54 p.m. ET on Thursday, according to NASA and it will look like a full moon until around midnight on Friday, January 26.  Did you know that full moon names are based on seasons, historical crops and the behavior of animals? The Wolf Moon moniker for this month’s full moon came about because wolves were often heard howling in January, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Wolves howl to communicate with their pack and to protect their territory. It is thought that a Wolf Moon offers us greater opportunity for deep self-reflection about how we operate and communicate within our world.  continue reading »

Winter Incubation is Activity Underneath



~~ James Clear

Happy Friday to all my precious people!!!

Snow is gently falling outside today, reminding us we are still in the midst of Winter.  

Winter is about going deep inside to prepare for the reanimation of life once the Spring season arrives.  This cold season appears still and quiet, but if we stop and consider all that is happening below the surface, there is much activity being generated!  The seeds deep in the soil are finding their roots, getting ready to burst up and out in vibrant colors as Nature organizes herself in the coming months.  Everything relies on something, and the smallest activity impacts the largest levels during the ongoing cycles.  continue reading »

Jumpstart January: The Pilgrimage to Self

Happy Blessed New Year to all my precious people!!

We are in the middle of January, the coldest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and just past the first New Moon (January 11) of 2024. This is the deep yin of Winter, when Nature shows us the ancient patterns and cycles of the Earth.  It is a time of quiet, a time of repose, a season of reflection and incubation.  Nature is gathering up resources, from the soil, from our dreams, from the inspiration of conversations, or music, or poetry.  We are in the midst of opportunities – to shed what no longer serves us, to lean into the callings of our heart and soul.  continue reading »

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