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Listening to our own Voice

We cannot live in a world that is not our own, 

in a world that is interpreted for us by others. 

Part of the terror is to take back our own listening, 

to use our own voice, 

to see our own light.   

~Hildegard de Bingen

Greetings to all my precious people!!!

I inadvertently took a week off from sending out my weekly tidbits.  I suppose an interruption here and there is a good test for my recovering Type A – hypervigilant – overly conscientious Self!   But I am committed to the sharing and it is back on track now, so hopefully some part of this offering will be helpful to you, or someone you know.

We are in the midst of the seasonal shift, moving past the incubation of Winter into the gathering energetic Qi of Spring.  This is a liminal space – the “in-between” space – before the snow has finally melted, before the crocuses are flourishing in their vibrant colored petals.  It is a time that is perfectly suited to become more acquainted with our Heart, our inner Being, our divine Spark, our essential Voice and our unique Self.  continue reading »

Garlic Butter-Roasted Salmon with Potatoes & Asparagus Recipe

This one-pan salmon and potatoes recipe makes a healthy and satisfying weeknight dinner. Melted garlic butter coats the salmon and vegetables, adding depth of flavor and richness to the dish.  continue reading »

Wild Mushroom and Root Vegetable Soup Recipe

Feeling under the weather this time of year? Feed your defense system with fortifying, immune-boosting, and anti-microbial foods. Wild Mushroom and Root Vegetable Soup is a perfect way to banish those pesky winter bugs, since it contains wonderful immune-boosting wild mushrooms, anti-microbial ginger, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and detoxifying onions, garlic and parsley. All those lovely, colorful root veggies will nourish both body and soul too. continue reading »

Full of Your Self

Be yourself; everyone else is taken.

~~ Oscar Wilde

Greetings to all my precious people!

It is the beginning of February and the Spring season is not far behind!  In the Celtic traditions, the first day of February is known as “Imbolc” (im-bulk) and is celebrated from February 1 to sundown February 2.  Imbolc marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and is just one of several holidays highlighting some aspect of winter and sunlight, and heralding the change of seasons.  continue reading »

Slow-Cooker Balsamic Short Ribs Recipe

Now here’s a beef short ribs recipe your friends and family will love! Short ribs are ribs usually cut from sections towards the front and lower parts of beef cattle. Although you can buy boneless short ribs, they are often sold with the bone attached. The meat attached to the bone can come from the brisket, plate, chuck or rib and can contain less or more fat depending on where it comes from. Short ribs can be cut “flanken style” which includes a thin slice across multiple ribs with meat in between the bones or “English style” which includes a portion of just one rib with a thicker piece of meat attached. For this recipe, we use bone-in English style ribs. When shopping for short ribs, look for ribs that have a thick cut of meat attached to the bone with a good meat-to-fat ratio (more meat, less fat).  continue reading »

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