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Mushroom Scampi Recipe

While most scampi recipes feature shrimp rather than the namesake small, lobster-like crustaceans, this mushroom version is a joyful meat-free alternative. All of the signatures are here – garlic, butter and white wine – and the mushrooms add a rich, earthy umami element. There is room to vary your mushrooms; while cremini or button mushrooms are great because they remain juicy and plump, oyster or shiitake mushrooms would add a pleasing, chewier texture. This dish is also parsley heavy; some is cooked with the mushrooms and the rest is added fresh, delivering a clean herbaceousness that brightens the dish. Eat with pasta, noodles or bread.  continue reading »

Curiosity is your Catalyst

“I am neither especially clever, nor especially gifted. 

I am only very, very curious.”

~~ Albert Einstein

Greetings to all my precious people!!

How are you feeling these days?  So many people are reporting upper respiratory symptoms of sneezing, nasal congestion, hoarseness and headaches that we typically associate with allergies.  Our bodies are being exposed to the seasonal forces of wind and rain that stir up the pollen, pathogens and viruses known to circulate in early Spring.   While we might be well versed in the seasonal patterns of Nature, the cyclical movement of stars and planets also influence our lives on the macro and micro levels.  Yes, I am talking about astrology again, and how the confluence of all things in the natural order affect our health and well-being.  continue reading »

Mushroom and Cottage Cheese Pasta Recipe

This low-effort, intensely flavored pasta dish highlights the earthiness of mushrooms. First, the mushrooms are cooked to release moisture and to concentrate their flavor, then they are puréed into a velvety sauce. Cremini mushrooms are an excellent choice because they are accessible and have a bold mushroom taste, but other varieties also work. For even more mushroom flavor, add a few shiitake mushrooms or a small handful of rehydrated dried porcinis. Cottage cheese is perhaps the most under appreciated of the supermarket fresh cheeses. The curds melt through this pasta to add a feathery light, mildly sweet creaminess.  continue reading »

Pea Egg-Drop Macaroni Soup Recipe

Hetty Lui McKinnon’s love for macaroni soup runs deep. It’s an evocative dish, a reminder of her mother’s devotion to cooking hearty breakfasts every morning and the quick lunches they would share when it was just the two of them at home. This version was inspired by her mother’s recipe, but McKinnon’s version includes egg drop, which not only thickens the broth, but also adds a richer finish. She recommends topping it with her Umami Crisp, which you can find in her book, Tenderheart.  continue reading »

Meatballs with Lemon-Garlic Orzo Recipe

Here, a little of the lemon-garlic vinaigrette used to season the orzo also gets stirred into yogurt for a flavorful and creamy topping.  continue reading »

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