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The Spirit of the Heart

Everything in Nature contains the Power of Nature

Everything is made of Hidden Stuff

~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear precious people …

The season of Great Yang continues in the Summer of the Black Yin Rabbit.  The energetics of the Sun, the pulsations of the Earth and abundant vibrations of Nature emanate at high frequency. This is also the time when we, as sentient beings going about our daily lives, are infused and invigorated by the unseen frequencies inherent to the planet we inhabit.  We are part of the interconnected web of Life, made of “starstuff” according to the astronomer and astrophysicist Carl Sagan.  In November 2022, the European Space Agency released audio of the Earth’s magnetic field that was captured from space.  Listen to some amazing sounds of the living planet here:

Through the lens of Chinese medicine, we view the body as an intricate internal kingdom, filled with hills and valleys, deep oceans and running streams, a hierarchy of systems synchronized according to an innate intelligence that requires no input from our ego Self.  At the center of the body’s universe is The Heart, the Sovereign Ruler, the Spark from the Source, through which we as humans experience the world and our relationships within it.  Our physical body is imagined not only as a connected thread in the fabric of the Universe but also a microsystem of the Universe – for the inside workings operate like a connected network of collaborative officials in the kingdom of the body, and there is truly animation everywhere!   

The interior landscape is influenced by the external landscape of the physical world we live in, and the internal and external cosmology, always in flux, always in transition, move with rhythm from yin to yang repeatedly.  When there is flow, there is life with ease of movement and softness of heart, but when there is obstruction, or congestion, there will be pain and limitations.  As we are still celebrating the Season of The Heart, cultivating self-compassion and loving kindness, remember, too, the Spirit of the Heart, which represents Life, and is the source of communication, connection and coherence.  This space in our chest emanates healing, not only for Self but for others, and during the Great Yang season, it is especially pertinent to encourage free and easy flow of emotions, all of which process through The Heart.

According to Dr. Lisa Miller, PhD, professor, researcher, clinical psychologist and founder of the Spirituality, Mind, Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University,  “you are built to go on a spiritual adventure and there is LOVE that is so much bigger than anything you could have fathomed… Life is this incredible series of unpredictable sacred revelations … “  LOVE figures prominently when we speak of the Spirit of the Heart, but it is so much more than romantic love – it is the essence of Life and the connection that creates family and community and bonds us together to be of service, to show up and to supply the hope and optimism that is needed on the Earth journey.

Tending to the Heart space requires regulation of the nervous system to keep the Heart in coherence.  Yet everyday stress, anxiety, worry, rumination, insomnia, anger, and more interrupt the natural rhythm, and over time, can most definitely contribute to dis-ease and disharmony in the kingdom.  How can you manage your moments of human experience and still be mindful of your precious Heart?  Breathing with intention for a few moments can regulate your inner system … going outside in Nature to reacquaint your Self with the miracles of the Earth can change your perspective … reaching out to a friend and enjoying a conversation … spending time with a pet and receiving their unconditional love … writing a few lines of gratitude in your journal … singing out loud and dancing whether people are watching or not … all of these tools are at your daily disposal, free of charge, and proven to have efficacy.

The Spiritual Heart is a bit like a smartphone, invisibly connecting us to a large network of information. It is through this unseen energy emitted from the Heart that profoundly connects humans to all living things.  Remember this:  You are made of starstuff.  Celebrate the miracle and the mystery of being here on the Living Planet where you are connected to all things.  Protect your tender, precious Heart space as you fill it with Love and clear it from congestion.  And if you want more information, or guidance, or support, to enhance your Heart space, reach out for a consultation.

Healing sounds to uplift your energy and clear the vibrational space:

May I live this day

Compassionate of heart,

Clear in word,

Gracious in awareness,

Courageous in thought,

Generous in love.


…Excerpt from ‘Matins’ in his book To Bless the Space Between Us

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