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The Origins of You

One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul.  Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.

~~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Greetings to all my precious people!!  

The month of May, known as a time of transitions and celebrations, continues to grace us with warmer temperatures as Nature blooms with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances.  The New moon that rose in the sign of Taurus The Bull on May 7th ushered in a period of abundance and good fortune, all thanks to the Jupiter-Venus conjunction it featured.  Can you feel any of the shift in your own life this week?  Aside from triggering a new lunar cycle, new moons also signal new beginnings and a fresh start. May 7th’s New Moon offers a great opportunity for manifesting the future you want. It marks the end of the eclipse season and is a powerful time to plant seeds that can sprout the roots of your dreams.

According to Lorna Bevan of Hare in the Moon Astrology, the glorious New Moon is at the heart of a necklace of stars that brings new beginnings. The conjunction of Venus/ Sun/Moon/Uranus/Jupiter in Taurus creates an incredible opening for all of us to find workable ways to build deep foundations for a better financial future.  Taurus the Bull teaches us about magnetism and the nature of desire related to our body, our money, and our home, along with our values and priorities. Whatever hunger begins to awaken will send us on the hunt to generate, stabilize and cultivate our personal security. And there is no time like the present to take stock and reassess.

This is the perfect time to create, nurture, grow and build something lasting and beautiful, no matter how small or private.  Begin an audit for your money, as well as the talents/gifts/skills/resources that can support you.  These are things from where you derive your security, your ability to survive and feel safe in the world.  This time also reminds us to manage our material world and stop underestimating or undervaluing our skills.

May is often associated with the tradition of spring cleaning, where people take the opportunity to declutter, organize, and freshen up their homes after the winter months.

This season is also a wonderful time to get curious and begin to declutter, organize and freshen up our interior landscape as well.  Since May is a month of transition, renewal and celebration, the energetics support getting curious about what you want in your life, and choosing to create a path to help you manifest abundance in body, mind and spirit.

The Origins of You by Vienna Pharaon, LMFT, delves into the intricate interplay between our past experiences and our present selves. Listen to the podcast that accompanies this today from Pulling the Thread: Breaking Family Patterns.  It is interesting to note how our past decisions, encounters, and circumstances shape who we are today and how the family dynamics of our younger years actually set our unconscious operating system. From the earliest moments of our lives, our environment, upbringing, and experiences sculpted our beliefs, values, and behaviors.  When we begin to investigate the influences that shaped us, we have so much opportunity to shift and grow!

Our past serves as both a foundation and a compass, guiding our present actions and shaping our future trajectories. It’s a great source of our strengths, vulnerabilities, passions, and fears. By understanding and reflecting on the past, we gain insight into the motivations driving our current choices and behaviors. We uncover patterns, themes, and lessons that inform our perceptions and decisions in the present moment.

While our past exerts a profound influence, it doesn’t define us in a predestined sense. We possess the agency to reinterpret, learn from, and transcend the constraints of our past. Through self-awareness, introspection, and personal growth, we can consciously reshape our narratives and chart new pathways forward. Our capacity for resilience, adaptation, and transformation enables us to transcend the limitations of our past and continually evolve as individuals.

What are the Origins of YOU?  Have you ever been curious to investigate what might be driving behaviors, habits, and thought processes?  Many times, the body-mind will begin to show you that declutter and organization are needed:  relationships are rocky or unsettled, health matters present challenges, and there is a feeling/sensation of unease in your Self.  These are typically call to action moments, when we can begin to be curious and take it one message at a time. Perhaps the best gift to your Self for May is to consider working with me to get clarity about where you want to be moving towards.  There are so many tools that will offer structure and routine to support your journey!!  

LAETHÚIL (lay-WHO-ill) refers to daily, or everyday in the Irish language.

“Laethúil” is a term that asks us to dwell on how we structure our routines and organize our days. This concept invites us to reflect on patterns and habits that make up the fabric of our daily lives and to consider the impact these routines have on our overall well-being and productivity.

“Laethúil” is about more than the mundane; it’s about the conscious crafting of our time to support our health, goals, and happiness. Each day offers a new canvas, and the routines we establish serve as the brushstrokes that create the overall picture of our lives. Establishing a meaningful daily routine involves thoughtful consideration of our needs and responsibilities. It’s about finding balance between work and leisure, activity and rest, social interaction and solitude. Effective routines are those that enhance our energy levels, focus our minds, and nurture our spirits.

More than anything “laethúil” emphasizes the importance of consistency. Consistent routines help us form habits that can lead to lasting changes. They reduce the need for constant decision-making about our daily tasks, freeing up mental energy for creativity and problem-solving. This regularity provides a sense of stability and predictability, which can be especially comforting in times of stress or uncertainty.

How can we adjust our daily routines to better support our physical and mental health? What small, daily actions can we take to move closer to our goals? How can we structure our time to deepen our relationships and enrich our lives?

This is the perfect time to make changes in your life!  Shift perspective, release unconscious habits and behaviours, create space for your precious life to unfold. We are meant to work together during transitional times, so consider engaging the support of a trained compassionate encourager to keep you gently moving towards your goal.  The impact of acupuncture and herbs can be heightened by the addition of hypnosis and integrative changework.  This combination allows you to receive care while you work on rewriting the stories that live in you, and create a world of new possibilities.  It would be my privilege to work with you during your discovery journey and support the unfolding of your dreams. Schedule a call today and let’s discuss how we can create a program to nourish your body-mind-spirit.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?

~~ Mary Oliver

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