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The Fire Season of the Heart

Summer season, The Great Yang, has definitely arrived and with it, the heat, humidity and the occasional emotional crankiness that is common when temperatures soar. This is the phase of the Fire Element in Chinese medicine, and the Heart, assigned to emotional and spiritual balance, is the representative organ. While the Heart aligns with Fire, it is heat that can actually agitate and disrupt the Heart’s function and flow, and so we are instructed to be mindful of how to keep our body and mind flowing with ease, as if a cool stream is moving through our head, limbs, and torso. The Heart is referred to as “the sovereign emperor” in the kingdom of the body, and all systems work together to ensure the Heart is well served, for an upset emperor can wreak havoc in the body.

In addition to the physical functions of the Heart, it also processes all the emotions in the body, including those we might feel uncomfortable with, such as anger, sadness, and the unrelenting anxiety of stress. But according to the Annals of Master Lu, “the mastery of one’s emotions is a requirement for maintaining health and longevity.” The Heart is like the Sun of the body, and in order for it to shine brightly, it is necessary to clear the clouds so that the Sun can emanate the warmth, generosity, openness and receptivity that is at the core of its energetic. How can we best support our Heart to maintain its fluidity, spaciousness, softness and freedom of expression? The clouds are a metaphor for the emotional states we experience as humans, and so to clear them takes movement, with mindful breathing as well as gentle stretching of the body.

Additionally, the different sounds can impact the Heart – music at 639 Hz helps to heal old traumas and open the Heart to receptivity, for self compassion and acceptance as well as alignment with the world we inhabit. Take a listen to the soundbath of music specifically attuned in this youtube link for healing and soothing the Heart and its surrounding chakra space. Remember to keep your Self first on the list of gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. Allow all your emotions to find release, to clear the clouds and invite healing and wholeness into your life. I leave you with a little reminder from one of my favorite writers:

“This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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