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In November 2017 my son was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) a debilitating and incurable disease. Upon realizing the seriousness of his disease, and in an effort to help him, my son and I considered holistic treatments, clinical trials, massage therapy and acupuncture.
A long time ago, I used Touchstone Acupuncture and was introduced to Kathy Casey. Since the treatments worked for me, I thought perhaps they would work for my son. Once she completed his medical history and examination Kathy assured me she could help keep him comfortable – albeit she could not cure him.

After a lengthy conversation about his medical condition, her knowledge of his disease, and the various treatments available with Kathy – I knew to try acupuncture for my son was the right decision. After all we had nothing to lose.

Kathy not only listens to your concerns, but utilizes all of her knowledge and understanding of medicine to heal you. Her decisions are based on treatment needs, and not financial considerations. Nothing is beyond her. When “push comes to shove,” the needs of the patient drive the treatment. She is in it for all the right reasons.

If this is what you want – if this is what you need – then Touchstone Acupuncture is the place. I understand more than ever what it means when someone is referred to as a “healer” and to me Kathy Casey is a healer. She is persistent and continues to stay-up-to date with new techniques, treatments and studies for the benefit of the patient.

~~ W.B.

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