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12 Ways to Sharpen Your Intuitive Skills

Intuition is a powerful decisive tool. It’s that gut feeling that instinctively alerts you to if something is “right” or “wrong”. It ensures we respond in the moment. While not infallible, intuition is invaluable.

Intuition provides us with that internal gut response, or inner voice, beyond logic or learned responses, revealing both who we are and the knowledge we have gained.

If we listen, we can benefit from the inspiration it offers and the feeling of confidence that it provides. Let intuition help guide you.

Here are 12 ways that you can sharpen your intuitive skills:

  1. Meditate Regularly to clear and still your mind and focus your awareness. Loving kindness (metta) and heart-opening guided imagery are especially powerfully trustworthy ways to expand intuitive ability.
  2. Create Sacred Space. Either set aside a special area of your home or office in which to practice intuition exercises or establish a ritual surrounding your time of seeking intuitive guidance.
  3. Set Your Intention on opening to intuition in a trustworthy, respectful way that is focused on service, and not power. 
  4. Test Your Intuitive Ability on things that don’t matter, like predicting which bank teller will open up next, or who’s calling on the phone. When there’s no pressure to perform, abilities to open up. 
  5. Keep track of how your body feels when you get an accurate intuitive hit. How does that differ from the feeling of a “miss”?
  6. Keep a journal of intuitive experiences, recording your daily hits and misses. You’ll start to see patterns: what time of the day or month your intuition is enhanced; how diet, emotions, geographic location – even the company you keep – affect your intuitive abilities. 
  7. Verify your experience with objective data. This will help you avoid distorting the information you receive.
  8. Know yourself. Self-awareness helps you separate intuition from projections of your own wishes and fears. Mindfulness meditation, psychotherapy, and/or regular introspection with a friend, support group or teacher can help eliminate blocks, self-deception, and distractions that prevent you from receiving clear, direct information. Still, don’t presume you’ll be right all the time. No one is. 
  9. Tell the truth. Intuitive awareness is about integrity – being true to your inner experience. The more truthful you are with yourself and others, the less you will be at the mercy of outside influences and the more you will be able to rely on your intuitive abilities. 
  10. Slow down and seek out solitude. Quiet time allows for greater intuition and helps you rebalance and stay grounded.
  11. Exercise regularly to ensure that your body is fit for handling the increased energy that moves through your system when you do intuitive work. 
  12. Work continually on opening your heart. Practice kindness and forgiveness with yourself as well as others. You’ll not only become more intuitive, but you’ll also be a trustworthy carrier of the information you receive. 
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